About the project

The main goal of the AWSHOF project is to provide a public directory of AWS certified community which will be updated and maintained by members. We are hoping to gather individuals with same goals and interests and help you connect together as well as share your experience.

Continuous education is the best way to stay on top of your game, show your commitment and prove that you are not afraid of new challenges. But it is sometimes hard to find time and understand the relevance of a certification. By collecting the information on the certified population and understanding their background and trends by country we are hoping to give you a clearer picture of how AWS certifications are relevant to you.

We don’t have the authority to verify the data posted on the directory, but we are working on many features that will reduce the chances of error.
All initial information in the directory have been found by crawling the public web. By having individuals contributing and updating their details, we are hoping to get the most accurate public database.

About the platform

That website and all the services that come with it are hosted on AWS. So far we have managed to avoid using any kind of traditional web servers. If you are here, you must have an idea why this is so important but that came with its fair bit of challenges. Hey, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Hopefully almost everything regarding AWS services is well documented and we have tons of tools out there to build the application.
A blog will document the steps we used to build the platform and the reasoning behind our choices.